Safety and ergonomics in our equipment will satisfy themostdemandingcustomer

Infrastructure and building have always occupied a special place in human life. The more branched and interrelated communicationbetween people became, the more complex and demanding become tools that support these relationships. Even a cursory look at the dynamics of the current rate of progress will give a clear understanding of the facts thateventually will be demanded only those infrastructure and construction, which are based on high-tech solutions and innovations.

Our specialists are able to solve any engineering problems associated with the design, manufacture and installation of electrical distribution systems for voltage up to 10 kV and currents up to 6300 A, inclusive. We guarantee the safety of our products and, most importantly, their reliability and ease of maintenance.

As for objects with high-class reliability of power supply, for example, the main switchboard (MSB) in the airport and in the control system of street lighting business center specialists of "Prisma Electric" are guided proven engineering solutions and the latest advances in reliability and ease of operation.

  • Ingress protected bus-conductive systems enclosure with degree of protection IP67;
  • widespread usage of dry-type transformers;
  • reliableautomatedventilation and fire;
  • competent organization of automatic transfer switch using diesel power stations (DPS).

All this has enabled us to obtain the status of an official panel equipment manufacturer of leading companies in electrical engineering.

Often, due to the desire to arrange their business (shoppingmall, businesscenter, retailandofficecenter, supermarket, etc.) near densely populated areas, the customer selects a construction site in the area is not always optimal in terms of communication and summingutilities, includingelectric. Insuchcases, our professional shave to use all their technical capacity and to seek the best solution in each case.

Over the entire period of workin the market of building power supply systems we have successfully implemented a significant amount of custom engineering solutions. Specific requirements for fire safety of the object in the urban environment, ecology, minimizing the dimensions of transformer substations, energy saving lighting system sand ventilation informative dispatch system- not an exhaustive list of tasks successfully solved by our experts.

We are confident in our decisions and therefore bravely declare: "Working with us, you get a modern product in compliance with all regulatory requirements and standards of both Ukrainian and European."

A special place in the decisions of the company takes "smart home". It is a shining example of modern automation systems in everyday use, which combines maximum safety, comfort and optimum use of resources. More and more people in creating infrastructure oriented to the construction of a system of "smart home".This applies to both large and shopping malls, and private houses and cottages.

As part of the Engineering Center "Prisma Electric" highlighted the group of engineers responsible for the project "Smart House" and trained in the Authorized Training Centers of leading suppliers of elemental base of such systems.

At present company has the resources to complete the entire amount of work - from design to mounting and the installation of "smart home" systems. Since the modular design of such systems gives almost unlimited possibilities in the choice of the functions entrusted to it by possibly initially establish only the basic components of the "Smart Home" and then "to increase" it as needed. And the "Prisma Electric" will provide full engineering support for system development.

We are confident that our company principle - complete engineering and technical support for each stage of solving the multifaceted problems, provided "Prisma Electric" leadership among other manufacturers.