Electro technical company “Prisma Electric” keeps independently activity from 2007, and for today, it is enterprise, which solves complex tasks in design area, manufacturing and installation of power supply and automation systems.

Our crew of engineers and mounters, which counts more than 60 people, implements as in Ukraine and over its bounds.

For long years of company activity company elaborated a set of principles, which guarantee permanently high quality result of implementation of the client’s project.

Engineering support and technical audit

Performance of necessary technical auditing of the working documentation provided by the client helps to prevent and to terminate all mistakes in beginning stage of project designing.

Interaction with client’s employee on the every stage

Designing of the project implements in close contact with client’s technical crew and with staff who will operate the equipment later. This interaction allows getting maximum efficient result.

Even on the installation works stage, our experts provide preparing and training for client’s stuff. This kind of approach significantly reduce the time, which is necessary for client’s stuff to learn new equipment.

Planning of the all working stages

Scrupulous works planning from the object examination to the putting system into operation promotes to the implementation’s terms reducing and increasing of the quality of works.

Manufacturing base

The company has its own electro technical equipment manufacturing – electric panels plant “Prisma Electric“. This significantly reduce client’s invoice spending, also this allows boosts project implementation terms many times.

Service response to emergencies

Besides service center “Prisma Electric”, which realize warranty and service support of the objects, in the company organized Service of operative technical support in cases of emergencies. Presence of wide nomenclature ofcomponents allows in short time respond to troubleshooting situation on the client’s object.