“Prisma Electric” consists of specialized departments, which provide the full amount of project-designing, construction, installing and commissioning works.

Engineering center

Complex design of engineering documentation for power supply systems, APCS of any difficulty, accounting individual specifies.

Experts of engineering center “Prisma Electric” develop and propose as universal electrotechnical solutions, which is available to most number of clients, and tasks solving withunique unstandardinnovationsystems.

Construction electricians department

When power supply, energy saving and automation system is being built, they perform installing and commissioning.

Employees of construction electricians department also renders help with technical consulting and engineering support, they hold preparing and training of client’s technical crew.

Building, installing and commissioning works performed by base of License ГАСКУкраины №183004

The Switchboard Plant

The Switchboard plant “Prisma Electric” is situated in Kharkiv. Manufacturing staffed by modern machines and tools, what allows keep all manufacturing standards, as Ukrainian and European.

All production made with developed and claimed technical conditions.

Service center

The service center was created in company, its specialists implements guarantee and service support of client’s objects.

The operative supportingcrew functions in the service center’s consist, and in emergency cases service crew arriving to objectand determine the reason of emergencies and its termination path. Permanently availability if to parts, which stored in company, allows terminating of malfunctions in shortest terms.