“Prisma Electric”  manufactures complete control cabinets of synchronous and asynchronous electric drives of technological objects.

Due to client’s demanding in electric drives control cabinets (EDCC) realizes different ways of start, (direct, cascade start-delta, with soft-start devices, cascade start of group of motors etc.). Also possible is manufacturing EDCC based on frequency changers for more precise and smooth gearsrotation speed control.

EDCC may include to itself different working mode (manual/automatic), protective technological blocking and include all necessary set of elements for full integration with APCS.

Electric drive control cabinets  with frequency changers provide optimization of working modes and technological parameters of equipment, efficient energy saving, inclusively full compensation of reactive power, and resource saving, hi-level of electromagnetic compability with power supply network.

Using of frequency changers in EDCC improves efficiency and reliability of equipment, allows  to keep audit of its mototime, audit of consumed energy and its mototime resources alignment, this leads to significant growth of equipment’s working resources and overhaul intervals, reducing costs of technical maintenance and repairs.

Electric drives control cabinets “Prisma Electric” allows maximum using all potential of your manufacturing.