"Prisma Electric" has the status of Certified Partner - switchboard equipment manufacturer and system integrator of the recognized world leader in the electrical market, which means full compliance with high quality of our solutions and technologies.

For Power Engineers

The official status of "Prisma Electric" as a partner - manufacturer of switchboard equipment using components Eaton, LS IS, DKC and system integrator Schneider Electric (automation system) means the maximum access to the capabilities of these technologies of global brands, as well as full information, technical and educational support.

Giving priority to the competence of technical staff of the company, "Prisma Electric" regularly carries out training leading experts in Authorized Training Centers of its partners in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Austria and Poland.

At the disposal of our customers is the most advanced technological solutions, quality components from leading brands, as well as technically competent staff with practical skills to their integration.

Quality Policy

Quality policy - one of the priority elements of the strategy of "Prisma Electric". The company has implemented a quality management system aimed at optimizing and efficient management of all production and business processes.

Information flows and workflow isoptimized, which means we can guarantee consistent control over all stages of work, from receipt of the request from the customer and the technical audit of the enterprise, ending execution, installation and commissioning of the objectand putting it into operation.

Here functions internal ns Quality Departmentservice which is carrying out measurement and controlof technical parametersof products due to the approved protocol. Quality control department is equipped with specialized test benches, according to tests results appropriate certificate is given.

Technical equipment, implement protocols debugging and testing of electrical equipment allowed us to implement a number of projects that have extraordinarily high demands on the quality and reliability of electrical equipment, including - in nuclear power plants.

Full compliance with the product’s characteristics of "Prisma Electric" with parameters and modes of specific projects,norms and requirements of Ukrainian standards,were repeatedly confirmed by Quality Department services of our customers.

Engineering Support

Often "Prisma Electric" joins the project at the stage where design documentation already done outsourced. One of our principles in this case remains the same - complete engineering support for the project: Engineering Center "Prisma Electric" holds technical audit of design solutions and offers its customers a number of corrections and additions.

Typically, project organizations, not directly related to manufacturing equipment and its installation, when designing miss some aspects of the feasibility decisions on the selection of equipment, construction of automation, ease of installation, maintenance and operation. The result of such errors - unproductive costs of the company, failure of terms of object’sstart, regular emergency stopping during operation.

As a company of engineers with many years experience of implementing of a relatively standard and innovative complex projects, "Prisma Electric" at the initial stage of cooperation prevents such problems by making appropriate adjustments.

Termless documents custody

Set of design documentation, which by its volume and content part meets all requirements for documents of this kind, after the completion is archived and stored indefinitely in paper and electronic form.

Operational service customer need only make a request by calling serial and products decimal number indicated on product’s label to obtain copies of documents in any convenient form.