“Prisms Electric” has veteran experience of implanting complex solutions in sphere of energy saving and automation process control systems of enterprises with different activity branches in Ukraine and CIS countries.

During this time by our company’s experts were realized projects with different difficulty degree and scale for industry function, agriculture and commune companies, residential complexes. We participated in object’s building as like a contractor (for example – performing automation process control system part), and playing role of general provider and producer of all electric equipment on the enterprise, including installation work.

Wide experience and understanding of every manufacturing branch production specifics was been collected. This allows Us to propose optimal electrotechnical solution with accounting individual characteristics of branch of concrete object and task set by client.

Company, which is composed by crew of professional qualified engineers, “Prisma Electric”, can offer as universal electrotechnical solutions, which is available to maximum number of consumer, and unique innovation systems for unstandardtasks solving.

As itself main target “Prisma Electric” sees searching and realization of most efficient solution during performing all kinds of works, constructive collaboration with client’s service staff, building long-term partnerships.