"Prisma Electric" offers reliable and quality solutions for enterprises of all industries

Specialists of "Prisma Electric" at the appropriate level to solve the challenges facing enterprises of such industries as:

  • Fuel industry.
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry.
  • Mechanical engineering and metalworking.
  • Wood and paper industry.
  • Light industry.

Electrical solutions for enterprises of  industriesElectrical solutions for enterprises of  industriesElectrical solutions for enterprises of  industries

The company develops and offers both solutions on standard tasks, including:

  •  manufacturing supply substations for workshops, including medium voltage modular cells;
  •  design and delivery bus-conductive systems;
  •  production of control cabinets based on frequency converters for electric motors;
  •  Development of local automation of sectors of production;
  •  industriallightingsystems, etc.

And successfully implement unique projects, expanding and deepening their knowledge and gaining invaluable experience.

A special place in our company’s offer take the modernization of equipment for crane mechanisms.

With certificate "Drive Engineering and control methods of Schneider Electricofcrane mechanisms", our company is ready to provide the full range of modernization and new construction cranes and lifting equipment. Control system for lifting and transport mechanisms are implemented using frequency converters leading manufacturers and include such components as brake modules and regenerative power supply.

Notoptimallychosencycle times of the equipment, the complex processes of adjustment and operation, as well as the long standing, or, conversely, the engine idling, restrict the performance and reliability of the equipment in general, therefore - limit the profitsofyourcompany. Therefore, each electrical solution of "Prisma Electric" - weighed in detail thought out and calculated.