Electrical installation division "Prisma Electric" provides a full range of installation and commissioning. As part of division - qualified specialists who have practical knowledge of electrical equipment and how it works, as well as all allowing documents to carry out their duties.

Construction, installation and commissioning work is done on the basis of license № 183004 ГАСК Украины and according to the requirements, rules and regulations of the SAE (Electrical Code) and СНиП.

Prisma Electric installation  Prisma Electric installation  Prisma Electric installation

One of the priorities of our company - to ensure optimal management of the implementation of each project, and, therefore, reduce the cost of the customer as the implementation phase, and during the operation of the object. Therefore, specialists in all departments "Prisma Electric" - electrical installation, engineering center, switchboard plant - work in constant interaction with each other. This arrangement allows to solve most problems arising in the within the project, without the involvement of the customer's personnel.

At the installation work using only quality mounting materials - the volume of completed projects have provided the company long-term contracts with leading suppliers of cable and wire products, cable support systems and lighting equipment. Result of stringent criteria to select materials that are used now, was the optimal ratio of their quality and value.

Prisma Electric installation  Prisma Electric installation  Prisma Electric installation

These same high standards "Prisma Electric" makes to the quality of their work, the result of which becomes:

  • Quality product: Qualified employees of the company have all allowing documents to carry out the installation and strictly adhere to government regulations.
  • Reducing construction terms: precise coordination in conjunction "designer - manufacturer - installer" and, as a consequence, the minimum need for customers’ staff intervention to deal with emerging issues.
  • Minimize material costs: competent actions of specialists minimize risks unproductive expenditure of customer.
  • A complete training of customer staff: During commissioning "Prisma Electric" specialists representatives instruction and training   about installed equipment.