By experts of "Prisma Electric" made ??automation of process areas at the new processing plant of ASTARTA

Automated control system of technological areas of Globino processing plant ASTARTAAPCS of the soybean processing complexAPCS of the soybean processing complex

Automated control system built four new complex of technological areas soybean processing Globino (Poltava region):

  • The area of submersible pumps.
  • The area of the tower.
  • The area of oil bottling.
  • Plot storage meal.

According to customer requirements to the functions of the complex APCS of soybean processing,our specialists built a flexible system that provides not only the refinement of standard actions, but also the maximum reduction in the volume and complexity of the operations carried out by the staff while servicing and repairing areas

. APCS of the soybean processing complexAPCS processing plantAPCS agriculture


The control system is based on the use of programmable logic controllers of VIPA.

Frequencyconverters: ABB.